3 Tips to Transform Your Self-Care Regimen

By Jennifer Larson, LCPC, NCC

Some parents have sent their children off to school.  And others are waiting eagerly or anxiously to send theirs in the upcoming days.  It is usually this time of the year I am eager to remind folks the importance of engaging in a good self-care regimen.  Many parents (and people in general) forget to prioritize one's needs and wants. 

Self-care begins with you

Many of the clients I work with are adept at maintaining their work calendar, their children's school and extracurricular activities, etc.  And yet, usually these same individuals do not have a personal calendar and do not block off time for their personal needs and wants.  I suspect one of the reasons is that most companies require their employees to use their system calendar.  Many schools hand out calendars with posted events.  Nowadays many schools require parents to login into a portal to view their child's classroom and school events.  I suppose no-one really hands out or requires one to use a personal calendar.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I typically do not tell people what to do, but I rather encourage and guide.  Admittedly, I am passionate about self-care.  So, I do highly encourage you (ahem, telling you) to begin to use a personal calendar in effort to transform your self-care regimen.  You are worth it!

Want a little more information on how to transform your self-care?  Here is a short article I wrote earlier in the year which outlines 3 simple tips to transform your self-care.  You deserve it!