About to get married, and want to lay a strong foundation from the start?

Know your relationship needs help?

Need to rebuild by building Relationship #2 or Marriage #2?

Standard couples therapy is typically a 50-minute session per week which most certainly is valuable to many couples. However, some couples want to jump start their work together by either preparing to lay a strong foundation in their newer relationship or before tying the knot, discovering new areas or resurrecting parts of their relationship that have been dormant or buried for years, or repairing and rebuilding one’s relationship due to many unhealed fractures in the relationship due to betrayal, such as infidelity.

Couples Intensives (aka Couples Marathon, Couples Retreats) can help achieve these goals by condensing several months of therapy into as little as 2.25 consecutive days or a couple weeks to a month. For couples traveling to Chicagoland area, we recommend attending a Couples Intensives 2.25 days. For those who live in the area, we can tailor your Couples Intensives over the course of a couple weeks to a month. Depending on the couples’ needs, 1-2 consecutive days may be an option. Many couples do continue standard couples therapy after participating in Couples Intensives.

Jennifer Larson, LCPC, NCC, a Gottman Level 3 Trained Couples Therapist, provides private, tailored Couples Intensives to one couple by using The Gottman Method as the foundation while drawing from other therapeutic models (e.g. attachment-based and systems theories, mindfulness) that are applicable to each couple. At the beginning of your Couples Intensives, Jennifer will conduct a thorough assessment in effort to get to know your identity and history both as individuals as well as your identity and history as a couple (and as a family if you have children).

The assessment process in rooted in The Gottman Method which consists of a couples session, understanding how you handle conflict, communication, and intimacy, an online assessment, and meeting with both of you individually to understand your perspective, concerns, needs as well as your history going back to your childhood. It is essential that Jennifer understands your individual, couple, and family history as well as your strengths and needs as a couple. Once the assessment phase is completed, Jennifer will provide a feedback session with you that is both collaborative and informative.

During the feedback session, we will go over your existing strengths, areas that need attention and strengthening, and information from your individual and family-of-origin histories that are worth acknowledging and addressing in the context of your relationship as a couple.

Thereafter, this is when the heart of couples therapy and for many couples, healing begins. The work is tailored to each couple based on their assessment and feedback sessions. Jennifer addresses the areas that need attention by guiding couples to engage in specific exercises while incorporating their strengths and providing education in the areas of intimate relationships; relational, mental health, and well-being; mindfulness; attachment and systems theories; and other areas that may be applicable, such as complex trauma and addiction.

Jennifer believes it is an honor and gift to be involved with couples and their journey as they learn how to cultivate a more meaningful, authentic, and intimate relationship together.

To learn more about Jennifer Larson, LCPC, NCC, click here. To learn more about standard Couples Therapy with Concentric, click here.

Please note insurance companies do not pay for Couples Intensives and therefore, you are paying out-of-pocket for this service. Depending on your insurance, they may cover up to 1 hour of couples therapy session per day.

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