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Intake Coordinator & Business Operations Manager

Upon initial contact with Concentric I will provide a welcoming, safe space, meeting you (as the client) where you are at when wanting to learn more about Concentric’s services and assisting you with scheduling your first appointment. Information collected will entail getting to know your mental health, relational, and well-being needs, answering your therapy questions, and collecting your insurance details. Together we will work collaboratively in scheduling your appointment with one of our therapists that works best for you.

I bring much care and detail to help maintain and strengthen Concentric’s foundation as well as implementing ideas and methods to foster greater growth at Concentric. Also, given photography is one of my hobbies, I enjoy photographing Concentric’s group and outings.


I have my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy from University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have always had an interest in mental health and considered making it a career until the pull and love of cooking took over. I worked as a chef in restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin, Rockford, IL and Chicago, IL which later ignited an interest in pairing food and wine together. This led to me immersing myself in the world of wine, particularly Old World wine. While I have worn many hats, much of my career experience has spanned working in sales, brand management and department management in multiple facets of the wine industry. This experience has entailed learning the importance of great customer service, meeting customers where they are, and educating them about their options. Additionally, I have experience in growing and maintaining business partnerships, and oversight and management of budgets and revenue with detail and care. The Owner of Concentric Counseling & Consulting has provided me with additional mental health and insurance training which is instrumental in my collaborative efforts when connecting with new, prospective clients at the time of initial outreach.


It is not a coincide that I share the same last name with Jennifer Larson, Owner & Psychotherapist of Concentric Counseling & Consulting, as Jennifer is my wife. Another commonality between my wife and I is we both attended University of Wisconsin-Madison and one of our undergraduate majors is Psychology. Although we did not meet or know each during college, our paths crossed later in life. I love spending time with Jennifer and our son, and still very much enjoy cooking (and wine!). Photography, music and Legos are also hobbies of mine.


Administrative Assistant

My goal is to help people live their wholehearted stories. I view therapy as a vehicle for healing and wholeness in a person’s life. Along the way, I am here to assist to you with billing and insurance information.  


I have my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from California State University Los Angeles. I taught high school math, tutored, worked in accounting, and held many administrative assistant positions. In every job, it is my joy to connect with and help people. I love hearing people's stories and finding ways to support them in their growth. 


I live in Chicago with my husband and our two very young boys and two big dogs. My community and my family are the sources of my greatest joy. I love laughing with friends, playing games, and hiking when I can.