Business Operations Manager

David joins Concentric on September 1, 2018.  Photo and Details to come.  


Administrative Assistant

My goal is to help people live their wholehearted stories. Upon initial contact with Concentric I will assist you in scheduling your first appointment and contacting your insurance company on your behalf. I view therapy as a vehicle for healing and wholeness in a person’s life. Along the way, I am here to assist to you with billing and insurance information.  


I have my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from California State University Los Angeles. I taught high school math, tutored, worked in accounting, and held many administrative assistant positions. In every job, it is my joy to connect with and help people. I love hearing people's stories and finding ways to support them in their growth. 


I live in Chicago with my husband and our two very young boys and two big dogs. My community and my family are the sources of my greatest joy. I love laughing with friends, playing games, and hiking when I can.