As a child or adolescent learns to be in the world, they will inevitably have some growing pains. They could have trouble dealing with a significant change, experience conflict with friends, act out in school, or shut down altogether. 

Whether the challenges are behavioral, emotional, or social in nature, seeing our children struggle isn’t easy and as parents we do anything we can to help. But it can be difficult to always know how to handle all the challenges that arise while caring for our children and juggling the demands of everyday life. Perhaps we cannot rely on our partners, family, friends, or community leaders to point us in the right direction.

We offer a solution-focused services option for parents of tweens and adolescents who may not require long-term counseling and those who need to address immediate issues. It is also convenient for busy people who do not have the time to dedicate to regular in-person sessions. We do offer this service in-person, but you can also opt to have this consulting service by phone or sign-in for a video session from the comfort of your home or office. 

  • Do you have questions about parenting or want to know how to be a better parent? 
  • Is your child going through a tough period and do you want to know how to provide support and encouragement?
  • Have you tried to address a behavior, but just can’t figure out what to do? 
  • Do you want to learn how you and your ex can become better co-parents?

These are just some of the challenges we can address through Solution-Focused Services.  For additional topics we can help you with, please visit Tween, Adolescent & Family Therapy.   

We are here to talk about any of your concerns and provide you with the tools and resources you need to cope. We offer 40- and 55-minute sessions in-person, over the phone, or 2- or 3-way online video.  Call us at 312.725.3093 or send us an email to speak with one of our counselors today. Learn more information about our out-of-pocket rates for this consulting service here.

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