Parenting Advice in 4 Words: Be Calm, Be Present

By Concentric Counselor Michelle Taufmann, LCSW

Excerpt from Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN) blog:  "The Only Parenting Advise You Need in 4 Words"  

Over a dozen years of parenting and dozens of books on parenting later, my advice to parents out there is: Forget about it. 

We are bombarded by so much advice, it is difficult to retrieve “to do's” from our cluttered memory banks especially when faced with parenting challenges. We absorb on a daily basis a litany of advise —advice on how to get fit, how to save for retirement, what to put in our bodies, how to keep our homes maintained, how to manage office politics, etc.  It’s advice overload. And if the adage “keep it simple” applies to anything in our lives, it’s parenting.

I say the only advice parents need comes down to 4 word: Be calm, be present.

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