How To Talk to Your Child About Sexuality and Gender Identity

By Concentric Counselor Myron Nelson, LCPC

Excerpt from Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN) blog: Is Your Child Questioning Sexuality or Gender? 

You have noticed that your child is becoming attracted to a child of the same sex or is engaging in cross-dressing.  Possibly your child is asking you questions about your own gender or sexual orientation.  You're probably wondering, Is this just a phase? Buckle up, because it’s not simple.

The answer is yes and no. Some children have a clear sense whether they’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) from an early age and it never changes, while others might question and experiment with those identities only for a period of time. Most people report they have a sense of their sexual orientation and gender identity around 10–13 years old. But that does not mean several people won’t experience periods of time where they may be attracted to someone of the same sex or wish to express their gender differently at any age.

Thinking about whether these changes are temporary is really just the beginning step to asking, What should I do? And luckily that answer is simple and can be summed up in 3 tactics: Be loving, ask questions and educate yourself. Before I explain the benefits of following these 3 important steps, I’ll make a case against why not.

Want to know more about how to these 3 steps as well as what to avoid saying or doing with your child?  The entire blog can be found by clicking here.