While relationships are central to our existence and well-being, experiencing challenges in our relationships is common.

Working with a therapist can help you better understand yourself and your partner, bringing harmony and balance to your relationship.  Our passion is to help you and your partner improve your intimate relationship, manage conflict better, cultivate deeper understanding and connection, repair and rebuild when there has been betrayal or distance in your relationship.  Also, we want to help both of you create greater shared meaning, dream more and have fun together!

All of our couples therapists are Gottman-trained and use The Gottman Method as our foundation when working with couples while tailoring our therapy with each couple based on their needs, drawing from other relevant therapeutic models, such as Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT).  We conduct a thorough assessment based on The Gottman Method with each couple before providing our feedback and treatment recommendations.  Just as a mechanic provides a diagnostic assessment before calling you with the required and recommended work and repairs, couples therapy is no different. A thorough assessment is needed before determining next steps.

We incorporate The 4 Horsemen and The Sound Relationship House into your couples therapy while guiding the both of you through a number of exercises to promote better communication, de-escalation and less fights, resolution and healing, and greater connection and intimacy.  The Gottman's have devoted 40+ years in research in the area of couples therapy.  The Gottman Method is an evidence-based scientific and clinical model for couples therapy.  

Are you…

  • Feeling uncertain about taking your relationship to the next level?

  • Fighting about the same issues?

  • Asking yourself, "Is this it?"

  • Experiencing betrayal and lack of trust?

  • Feeling the spark is gone or in a sexless relationship?

  • Struggling with parenting and raising a healthy family?

  • In a relationship with a partner who struggles with an addiction, trauma or serious mental illness?

  • Constantly in a dance of come here, go away?

  • Done with a relationship after the initial 'high' or limerence has faded?

  • Desiring pre-marital counseling?

  • Avoiding conflict and feeling distant from one another?

  • Facing communication difficulties?

  • Grappling with emotional and sexual intimacy issues?

  • In a co-addicted relationship?

  • Adjusting to a significant life change?

  • Struggling with infertility?

  • Experiencing grief and loss?

  • Dealing with emotional or sexual infidelity?

  • Preparing or adjusting to arrival of baby or facing postpartum depression?

  • Considering separation and divorce?

  • Learning how to co-parent?

  • Thinking about testing out a temporary separation before committing to working on the relationship or seeking divorce?

For those contemplating separation or divorce, couples counseling can provide support and guidance, education, and tools to minimize conflict, increase understanding, and facilitate healing.