Consulting for New Clients

We understand that it is vital for patients and their therapists to establish rapport with one another. For this reason, we provide a unique consulting option for prospective clients who would like to get to know us better before making a commitment to counseling. This is ideal for people who are new to therapy or for those who are trying to find a therapist that is the right fit for them.

We offer 30, 45, and 60-minute consultations over the phone, video online, or in person that is paid out-of-pocket. During this time, we can talk about your challenges or particular concerns, address any questions, and discuss how we could approach counseling together.  Learn more about our rates for consulting for new clients here.

Solution-Focused Services for Clients

Not every issue requires long-term care and counseling. Sometimes you may just need an extra resource or more support around a specific problem that you are dealing with in the moment.  

We provide abbreviated sessions* to help you address these immediate needs. This could be anything from educational consulting for families dealing with a life change, guidance on communication strategies for couples, navigating the dating world, coping mechanisms for those under stress, or even direction on where to find additional resources and support.  

*Capped at 3 sessions.  Sessions necessitating greater than 3 sessions are encourage to engage in counseling and therapy.

For parents who are in need of 1-3 short sessions, please visit Solution Focused Services for Parents for more information.

Call us at 312.725.3093 or send us an email to arrange an appointment. Learn more about our rates.