Concentric circles all share the same center, such as tree rings and rippling water droplets.  Looking at ourselves and our relationships through the lens of concentric circles, we recognize at the core or center, people of all ages share similar experiences, feelings, and thoughts. At some point, we can all relate to feeling down, anxious, stuck, frustrated, or lonely.

Although we spend every moment with ourselves, we spend a great deal of time in relation to other people. We all want to be connected, understood, and loved. Exploring more about our relationships with ourselves and with others, and discovering how our our environments have shaped us and our beliefs has immense value and positively affects our health and well-being.

What about the universal desires of wanting to feel more centered, self-accepting, and at ease with ourselves and others?

We also believe in striving towards balance in our lives. Working towards balance and exercising moderation can be challenging, and our passionate counselors and therapists are here to help you and the people that are significant in your life to become centered.  Having a centered mind and centered self creates healthier, more fulfilling relationships.  


Centered Mind. Centered You. 
Centered Relationships.

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We are a group psychotherapy practice in downtown Chicago dedicated to our patients’ health and well-being. We draw from our extensive training, education, and professional and personal experiences to help others feel centered and at ease. 

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Concentric Counseling provides comprehensive therapy, counseling, and consulting services. We strive to assist people of all ages so they can achieve a centered and balanced mind.

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Our office is located in the heart of downtown Chicago across from Millennium Park. We serve individuals, couples, and families in the city of Chicago and throughout Illinois. Call 312.725.3093 to learn more about our services.

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