Concentric circles all share the same center, such as tree rings and rippling water droplets.  As individuals we stand in the innermost circle of a concentric circle, yet, we do not exist completely in isolation.  Throughout our life, we co-exist in other relationships, systems and domains represented by the outer concentric circles. Some of these influential and significant areas include our partners, family of choice, friends and peers, family-of-origin, school, work, and our community at large.

Looking at ourselves and our relationships through the lens of concentric circles, we also recognize at the center or core, people of all ages share similar experiences, feelings, and thoughts. At some point, we can all relate to feeling down, anxious, stuck, frustrated, or lonely. We all want to be connected, understood, and loved.

We know there are universal desires that are felt and desired by all people, and yet, we also recognize that people have certain experiences that make you unique and set you apart from others.  At Concentric, we strive to understand you, your personal experiences, and the barriers that are getting in the way of feeling healthier.  We are here to help you and your loved ones feel better.  

What about the universal desires of wanting to feel more centered, self-accepting, and at ease with ourselves and others?

Are you or your family facing obstacles to feeling healthier and connected?  

If so, our passionate counselors and therapists offer an array of services and approaches to help you and the people that are significant in your life to uncover and work through those barriers.  We will help you to identify helpful ways of coping, managing, and existing so you can become more centered, feel better, grow and evolve, and experience healthier, more fulfilling relationships.  


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We are a group psychotherapy practice dedicated to our clients’ health and well-being drawing from a variety of therapeutic approaches.  Our primary office is located in the heart of downtown Chicago in The Loop across from Millennium Park.  Our second office is located in the North/Northwest side of Chicago in the Sauganash, Forest Glen neighborhood. We serve individuals, couples, children, tweens, teenagers, and families in the city of Chicago and throughout Illinois. 

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Concentric Counseling provides comprehensive therapy, counseling, and consulting services. We want to help eliminate barriers that people face when seeking help. We strive to provide a safe space for individuals, couples and families to receive the tools, education, and services needed in effort to establish and maintain healthier connections with oneself and with others.  Concentric proudly provides clinical supervision and consulting services for therapists and other mental health professionals in the field.  We provide services both in-person and through online, video sessions.

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We draw from our extensive training, education, and professional and personal experiences to help others feel more connected and loved, centered, and at ease. The therapists at Concentric are experts in relationship problems, couples and marriage, child, adolescent and family issues, addictions and compulsive behaviors, substance abuse, life transitions and stress management, depression, anxiety, bipolar, varying degrees of trauma and unresolved family-of-origin issues.   

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