Is therapy right for me?  

Have you experienced a major life change and lost your grounding? Perhaps you’ve ended a relationship, are grieving the death of a loved one, experiencing a health crisis, or left your job? You may have been down for a while, feel stuck and cannot pinpoint why, but realize that something just isn’t right. Many of us are over-stressed and under-nourished, bogged down by the constant busyness and increasing demands of modern life. 

Concentric counselors recognizes that youth and young adults face certain challenges that other adults may not. while we work with adults of all ages, we want you - as aN EMERGING ADULT - to know that concentric counselors have the training and experience specifically working with your age group.

Everyone of us -- whether we are in our youth or a middle-aged adult -- experiences challenges on the journey of life and sometimes we feel there is no one we can count on. Dealing with these obstacles can be a lot to handle on our own. You are not alone—and you do not need to remain alone. 

At Concentric Counseling, we offer a safe and supportive place to explore life’s challenges and work with you to gain insight into issues that you face day in and day out. Our counselors provide practical tools that help you cope and empower you to make positive changes. Our aim is to get you feeling centered in yourself and in your relationships so that you can get on the road to living your best life. 


Depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders
Feeling sad or nervous sometimes is normal, but when life’s ups and downs affect daily functioning, therapy can help. 

Relationship, dating, and intimacy difficulties
With counseling, you can better understand how to approach and do dating, improve communication, and find new approaches for a healthier, more intimate and romantic relationship.

Healing from trauma, grief, loss, life transitions
A traumatic experience or life change leaves a slew of emotions in its wake. With therapy, you can find your ground, ease the pain, and facilitate healing. 

Codependency, love, relationship, and sexual challenges
Concentric Counselors can help you find your center so you feel more centered in your relationships by setting boundaries, focusing on moderation, and making self-care a priority. 

Substance abuse and co-occurring disorders                                           We can help you learn how to work through your substance abuse or addiction in a collaborative and safe manner with each step along the way.    

Education, work and career stagnation
What we do can be a source of confidence or frustration. A therapist can assist you in exploring your purpose, accomplishing goals, and feeling fulfilled in your career. 

Infertility issues
If you are having difficulties starting a family, counseling can provide an extra source of support and teach you to cope.


Negative self-talk, self-defeating beliefs, self-care
We develop patterns early on, often without realizing it. With therapy, you can create balance, focus on self-care, and cultivate a supportive inner voice.

Difficulty regulating emotions and thoughts
Working with a Concentric Counselor, you can learn to navigate and be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

Youth and young adult issues                                                                             Struggling with balancing wanting to be dependent on others and exercising independence.  Feeling lost and uncertain about future and life decisions.  Tensions between family members.  Dealing with family or peer pressures.

Family-of-origin issues and complex trauma history
Our families typically are our first teacher and impact how we approach and interact with the world. Growing up with instability, neglect, or abuse can wreak havoc on your life.  Therapy can help you work through, resolve and heal from unfinished family business and trauma.  

LGBTQIA population                                                                                             Are you exploring your sexual or gender identity, and could use a safe, non-judgmental place?  Experiencing judgment and walls from the people in your life, and want to learn how to cope and manage better?

Are you still unsure? If you still have concerns about committing to therapy, learn more about consulting for new patients.