Concentric -- Why and When?

After operating a solo practice for 3.5 years, Jennifer (Karolak) Larson, LCPC, NCC wanted to continue to help others, but without the confines and limitations of a solo practice. She envisioned a place that offered more than individual and couples therapy services to include children, adolescents and families.  She also wanted a place that would offer less barriers to clients who were in need of a variety of coordinated services -- such as receiving individual and couples therapy from 2 therapists in-house and providing online, video counseling and teletherapy to people where attending in-person sessions may be more challenging.  Additionally, Jennifer wanted clients to have the benefit of learning a variety of tools offered by a diverse, but yet, rich repertoire of therapeutic approaches and specialties.  And last, Jennifer wanted a place where therapists could easily consult regularly with one another.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Group Practices

We are proud to share the owner and therapists meet on a weekly basis to discuss our work with clients, provide enrichment and professional development to each other, and to collaborate with one another when we have mutual clients in effort to help to facilitate coordination of care and best treatment outcomes. 

Not all group practices do this. 

What does this mean for you and your loved ones?  Simply put, but of great significance.  Better care and treatment. For you and your loved ones.

Concentricus means con (together) and centrum (center)

Around this same time, Jennifer also began to think about the symbol and meaning of concentric circles, and how it applies to people, relationships and mental health.  The Latin word concentricus means con (together) and centrum (center).  In geometry, concentric is a term for two or more objects that share the same center.  As individuals we stand in the innermost circle of a concentric circle, yet, we do not exist completely in isolation.  Throughout our life, we co-exist in other relationships, systems and domains represented by the outer concentric circles. Some of these influential and significant systems include our partners, spouses, family of choice, friends and peers, family-of-origin, school, work, and our community at large.  

Looking at Ourselves & Our Relationships Through the Lens of Concentric Circles

We can gain greater insight, recognize our strengths and assets as well as our patterns, struggles and pain. At Concentric Counseling & Consulting, we strive to help you better understand yourself and to work through the internal and external barriers that keep you and others from feeling whole so you can establish and maintain a more centered life filled with more satisfying, healthier relationships.  

All of these ideas sparked the birth of forming a group practice in 2013 called Concentric Counseling & Consulting.  A group practice where therapists can provide a variety of different services and theraupetic modalities to individuals, couples, and families where we come together at the center. 

Concentric Counseling & Consulting Group Therapists

Concentric Counseling and Consulting's Services 

We are a therapy and counseling group practice in downtown Chicago offering individual therapy for adults and              young adults, couples and marriage therapy, child, adolescent and family counseling, teletherapy and online counseling as well as brief, solution-focused services and clinical supervision.

Our Mission Statement

Through comprehensive counseling, psychotherapy, and consulting, we strive to help people of all ages so they can achieve a centered and balanced mind, a healthier sense of self, and more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

Our Duty To You

Our duty is to create a trusting environment where you can feel safe sharing your experiences with us. Our aim is to understand you and what makes you unique in the context of your universal experiences, needs, and desires. During our sessions and through developing self-care, we work together so that you can create a more centered and happier life.

Centered Mind.  Centered You.  Centered Relationships.  

Concentric Counseling & Consulting also believes in striving towards balance and moderation in our lives. Working towards and maintaining balance can be challenging, and our passionate counselors and therapists are here to help you and the people that are significant in your life to become centered.    

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