Can Connecting with Others Through Social Media Really Work?

By Jennifer Larson, LCPC, NCC

I am somewhat of a late-bloomer when it comes to certain things, and using social media for my business is one of them. 2014 marked the year for me to jump on the bandwagon and sign up with various social media forums. Folks in the field of psychotherapy and counseling have long shunned away from social media, such as Facebook, for various factors (and with good reason), such as concerns around confidentiality, the inherent barriers that exist with truly connecting to another, and so on.  

When working with my clients, I have long touted the benefits of generating and identifying as many viable options (solutions or coping tools) as possible when facing challenges and obstacles in life. Why not I, as a therapist, consider as many options as possible when it comes to connecting and helping others?

Just minutes away, Ashley and I are taking the first attempt at connecting with others via Facebook by offering a Q&A. It is the start of our "Let's Talk" 3-part series. Tonight, people can ask questions related to counseling and therapy. Examples, such as: Which issues warrant counseling?  What is the difference between individual, couples, child, and family therapy? What can I expect in therapy?  What will it be like for my child or teenager to experience counseling? What are the benefits?

Looking forward to discovering a different way to connect.