Connections Can Be Made

By Jennifer Larson, LCPC, NCC

On July 29th, I wrote a blog, "Can connecting with others through social media really work?"  I wrote this before Larson Counseling & Consultation kicked off its first "Let's Talk" series via Facebook during a specified one hour LIVE time-frame later that evening.

My colleague and I logged on.  The first 15 minutes were quiet -- quiet as a mouse.  Those 15 minutes felt particularly long because we did not know if anyone was present on the other side.  How would one really know when you are on Facebook?  Sure, you can see folks that are online and logged in, but it doesn't give you any more information than that.  It made me think that connecting with others via social media can be experienced -- or in our case during the first 15 minutes, not experienced.

Human connections

After the lull, people started to 'message' us questions.  Good questions that pertained to the topic for that evening -- Let's Talk Therapy.  It was the first time where we 'connected' in this format.  I have to admit, somewhat reluctantly, that I felt a sense of a connection that took place.  By no means, does connecting via Facebook provide a comprehensive clinical or therapeutic connection, but nonetheless, there was a connection of sorts.  And I thought -- this is worth mentioning.

In the next 10 minutes or so, we are about to start our 2nd series, "Let's Talk Emotions" on our Facebook page. We hope to be able to engage and connect while providing some help. 

Disclaimer:  This 3-part "Let's Talk" Facebook series is not intended to give a diagnosis or provide treatment for a mental health disorder.  But, it may help to start an informal dialogue around possible symptoms associated with mental health disorders and to gather general information pertaining to personal, work, and/or family challenges.  Make sure you see your doctor or mental health provider if you think you may have symptoms of a mental health disorder.